Addressing America’s Toughest Challenges

I am committed to taking on the biggest challenges America is currently facing. Upon taking the oath of office, I will focus my efforts on three primary issues.

Foreign Wars

With the libertarian movement I work for world peace through free trade, the open exchange of ideas, and freedom of travel. I oppose all US wars and combat operations overseas, declared or undeclared, known or unknown. In addition to disengaging US forces from conflict, I will work to bring them home, close all US military bases abroad, and withdraw from all military alliances and treaties. I oppose sales of armaments to foreign governments and other entities abroad, and work to end all Federal subsidies to foreign governments and other entities abroad. These principles are firm and will allow for no special exceptions for traditional “allies.” The government lacks both the right and the ability to choose friends and enemies for an individual citizen.


A society under stress tends to blame resident foreigners for its problems. Along with the libertarian movement I intend to show leadership on this matter and encourage Americans to rise above any negative attitudes to new arrivals. We must recognize that immigrants bring talent and energy to our country. Our attitude towards immigrants must be one of tolerance, compassion, and gratitude for what they bring. A first step will be to simplify the process for legal immigration and get rid of the bureaucratic maze which they face now. All immigrants should be self-supporting or under the financial sponsorship of private citizens or organizations. To the extent that there is fear of immigrants “going on welfare” the quarrel is with the welfare system, and not the immigrants. As for so called “illegal aliens” I harbor no indignation about the commission of victimless crimes. Many immigrants are “illegal” by virtue of obscure bureaucratic technicalities. Others are here as refugees from deadly situations and could not afford the time or expense of the legal process. We must put simple procedures in place to formalize the status of undocumented residents and allow them to participate fully in our economy and our legal system.

The Income Tax

The income tax system is a degrading insult to every American. My goal as a libertarian will be its abolition. The first steps towards that end will include a radical simplification of the paperwork and filing process.   At the same time taxation of income should be eliminated for the lower one third income bracket of the population, along with any requirement to file. Such an income taxation system as might remain during a transition period must not be used to manipulate behavior through “tax incentives.” We must also ban use of the system to punish or reward citizens for their personal beliefs or political activities. Most importantly, during the transition to eventual abolition, no citizen should be compelled to contribute to any government program which is in violation of the citizen’s conscience.


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