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policy to Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Iran


To express my Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Iran policy I have some Persian calligraphy I discovered in Kabul.  It is four lines from a poem by Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi al Balkhi, commonly known in the West as Rumi.


از محبت خارها گل میشود

وز محبت سرکه ها مل میشود

از محبت نار نوری میشود

وز محبت دیو حوری میشود


My translation is:


With love thorns become a rose

With love vinegar becomes honey

With love fire becomes light

With love a demoness becomes a heavenly angel.

Respect and Welcome for Immigrants

I stand with and support the libertarian position that immigration is a positive tradition of the country which is “twice blessed”- it is good for the immigrants and good for our nation. The diversity of talent and creativity brought by people from around the world has been vital to our economy.

We do not share the fear that immigrants are an inordinate burden on the social services sector. Nonetheless to the extent that there might be any such a burden we advocate that new arrivals be self sufficient and self supporting, except for an adjustment period during which they might be dependent on responsible sponsors.

Rather than dwell on the many categories of documented and undocumented arrivals we would reduce these bureaucratic distinctions through streamlined visa processing and standardization. We have no desire to deport the millions of undocumented residents who are productive and contributing to the economy.

I personally have a few moral reasons for favoring immigration and respect for those who choose to live among us:

Given the way the original settlers took possession of this continent it is not very sporting to keep others out. This is especially true when the newcomers have no desire to displace us but to live and work among us peacefully.

In the years leading up to World War II many Jewish refuges from Europe were denied entry into the United States and were lost to the genocide. The ship St. Louis was turned away from American ports full of refugees who had to return to their fate. This event might suggest an atonement by way of welcoming refugees.

To the extent that our government supports repressive regimes in countries such as Honduras, for example, it might be decent enough to accept the exiles generated by such regimes.

Finally, to the extent artisans of death, war profiteers, and powerful people in the Washington regime are making fortunes selling weapons to war zones in Asia and Africa, it behooves us to welcome the refugees from those wars whether they come in legally or “illegally.” On my mind are the wars in Syria and Yemen fueled by our weapons and ammunition.

When the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire heard that Spain was expelling its Jewish residents in 1492 he expressed wonder that Spain would forfeit such talent. The Sultan made arrangements for as many of them as possible to come and settle in his Empire. We should do the same whenever there is a persecution or ethnic cleansing abroad.

“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Hebrews 13:2